SIMPlifile is a Software Traceability tool to meet the requirements of U.S. Seafood Import Monitoring Program (SIMP) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Key Features


Ability to export the traceability report into different formats like spreadsheet (xls, csv, ods & pdf).


Enables traceability throughout the process of fishing till import & Anytime audit readiness.


We follow the compliance to data security / data privacy industry standards.


Provision to attach/upload documents like licenses/permits/lab reports.


The traceability information provided by this product is compatible to ITDS formats.

Storage & Support

Free storage upto 1 GB, Supports the data retention period required by NOAA.


SIMPlifile product helps in reporting and record keeping of Sea food imports into US Commerce. SIMPlifile helps to maintain a seamless traceability from catchment to shipment. SIMPlifile gives anytime audit readiness edge to the sea food processing exporters.


In addition this product may be used to maintain the traceability for all your exports to other countries too.

SIMPlifile has user friendly interfaces, that are easy for the users to capture and store the data pertaining to sourcing, processing and shipment. While capturing the data it seamlessly guides the user to establish and ensure traceability.
SIMPlifile is a cloud based product which enables to access from anywhere across globe. This means you don't need to invest and maintain a separate IT infrastructure like servers and huge network. All you need is just a simple computing device (Desktop or laptop or Tablet) with a browser (Chrome or Firefox) connected to the internet.
After your payment you will be able to get your own account of SIMPlifile. You may start adding the required master data and start your transactions using the SIMPlifile product. Easy to use help pages are available for your reference. In addition you will have a dedicated IT service desk available during Monday to Friday 9-6 PM IST. The IT service desk can be contacted through email (

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