Products, Process and Technologies

Sea Food Processing Industry

We provide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to the chilled and frozen Sea Food Processing Industry. Our ERP software products handle with ease the entire cycle of operations from the catchment to the consumer. Precise traceability is maintained for the fish and its products at individual level and lot level as well. Clear labeling is provided to establish the identity of each fish individually and/or lot wise. A provision to capture weight at each stage of operation is available so that the product yield can be determined either at intermediate stage or at overall stage. The integrated product features makes life easy to handle the sales enquiries till they convert to Sales order, purchase of the fish, inspection and quality check of incoming fish, proper storage of the fish, process operations of the fish, Clean vacuum packing and appropriate labeling, QA checks and testing results, final packing and controlled temperature shipment till the products reach the destination.

EaSEAPro handles all the above operations seamlessly so that our clients can focus on their core activity of production without worrying about the hassles of documentation, record keeping and managing the voluminous documents. All of these are managed efficiently in the EaSEAPro and available at a click of button. The User Interfaces (UI) are user friendly / employee friendly so that they interact with it intuitively with ease and comfort. The EaSEAPro provides a realtime status update of the operations in the form of dashboards aggregated and drilled down at all levels – employees, supervisors, managers, senior management – so that decision making is data based and timely. The artificial intelligence capability helps to provide a fairly accurate prediction supporting various decision making points – be it quoting a competitive price to the customer, buying the optimal quantity of fish at the lowest purchase price, optimization of production resources and maintenance of equipments.

Aerospace Industry

Mission critical software products are used in Aerospace industry and safety is the main criteria. The softwares need to thoroughly verified and validated prior to flight test. The testing capabilities need to be comply with various standards like DO-178C and AS9100D standards. Our engineers are well experienced in the whole lifecycle of Software Product Development including Systems Engineering, Design & Development, V&V, Quality Assurance and Certification activities of Aerospace for more than a decade having working in the Flight Management Systems, Engine Systems and R&O. The V&V team is well conversant with the state of the art testing tools and methodologies so that presence of any defect may be detected upfront to provide a quality product. The organization deploys the matured process systems like DevOps, Lean and six sigma methodologies to provide the best of the output.

With this background, the company offers best of the testing services to the Aerospace Industry across various product lines and application softwares to manage an Aerospace business.

Competency, Ontime deliveries at affordable cost are the hallmark qualities of the Organization.

We also provide product certification related consultancy services meeting the stringent requirements of the Aviation Agencies of various countries including FAA, EASA, DGCA and others. We handhold and provide the our services right from System design through development, V&V and delivery. We provide all necessary documentary support meeting the certification requirements.

The Audit team is well experienced in auditing aerospace factories in various countries across the globe – covering production, repair & overhaul – in the mechanical and avionics/electronics domain. We do provide an audit service at various levels so that the processes can be proactively improved and certifications be maintained successfully at all times.

Process & eCOM Solutions

MAVEL is a product focused IT company offering Process and eCOM solutions to Food processing industry.

Cloud, AI and Analytics capabilities

MAVEL's solutions include on-premise, cloud and mobile solutions with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Analytics capabilities.

Quick Solutions using DevOps

The company leverages cutting edge process methodologies like DevOps and Agile for robust product development.

Aerospace and Defence

MAVEL offers validation and quality assurance services to Aerospace & Defence industry.