We provide Business Process Solutions to the chilled and frozen Sea Food Processing Industry. Our software product handle with ease the entire cycle of operations from the catchment to the consumer.

Key Features


This facilitates a remarkable advantage to establish a bidirectional traceability : from a catchment fish to a finished product and vice versa.


Clear labeling is provided to establish the identity of each fish individually and / or lot wise. The labelling supports barcode generation and printing.

Automated Weighment

A provision to capture weight at each stage of operation is available so that the product yield can be determined either at intermediate stage or at overall stages.


eSeaPro handles all the above operations seamlessly so that our clients can focus on their core activity of production without worrying about the hassles of documentation, record keeping and managing the voluminous documents.

User Interface

The UI is also intelligent enough to be device friendly whether the application runs on your desktop, laptop, PoS, tablets or mobile. UI are interaction is intuitive with ease and comfort.

Dashboards and Reports

The eSeaPro provides a real time status update of the operations in the form of dashboards aggregated and drilled down at all levels – employees, supervisors, managers, senior management – so that decision making is data based and timely.

Self contained Lab-QA Module

eSeaPro has the capability to capture the stringent quality assurance measures during incoming stage, work-in-process stage (WIP) and finished product.

Lab Management System

This module has the flexibility to operate as an independent module or an integrated module with eSeaPro. The module has a traceability towards the samples and test records.

Advanced Capabilities

The artificial intelligence capability helps to provide a fairly accurate prediction supporting various decision making points – be it quoting a competitive price to the customer.


eSeaPro covers the essential business processes: Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Process Planning and Control, Production, QA, Shipping, Maintenance & HR.


Sea Food Processing exporters across the globe are our prestigious clients. In addition this product may be used to maintain the traceability for all your exports to other countries too.

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