Mission critical software products are used in Aerospace industry and safety is the main criteria. The softwares need to be thoroughly verified and validated prior to flight test. The testing capabilities need to be comply with various standards like DO-178C and AS9100D standards.


Our Team

Our engineers are well experienced in the whole lifecycle of Software Product Development including Systems Engineering, Design & Development, V&V, Quality Assurance and Certification activities of Aerospace for more than a decade having working in the Flight Management Systems, Engine Systems and R&O.


Validation & Verification

The V&V team is well conversant with the state of the art testing tools and methodologies so that presence of any defect may be detected upfront to provide a quality product. The organization deploys the matured process systems like DevOps, Lean and six sigma methodologies to provide the best of the output.



We also provide product certification related consultancy services meeting the stringent requirements of the Aviation Agencies of various countries including FAA, EASA, DGCA and others. We handhold and provide our services right from System design through development, V&V and delivery.

MAVEL's offers quality V&V services to the Aerospace Industry
  • Industry across various product lines and application software to manage an Aerospace business.
  • Competency, Ontime deliveries at affordable cost are the hallmark qualities of MAVEL.
  • The Audit team is well experienced in auditing aerospace factories in various countries across the globe – covering production, repair & overhaul – in the mechanical and avionics/electronics domain.
  • We do provide an audit service at various levels so that the processes can be proactively improved and certifications be maintained successfully at all times.
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